D-Coded Ideas Ltd is a company which combines and integrates several trades into a single service. In stonework and joinery alone we have over 25 years’ experience. Our strength and uniqueness derives from our technical expertise and ability to seamlessly combine several trades in order to deliver on the most challenging and prestigious of building projects. Our work and efforts have been recognised by leading authorities in our fields.

We have our own production facilities for stonework and the joinery business, and our cooperation with other professionals, artists and artisans is based on trust, experience and long-standing business relationships.

In our portfolio there are a number of drawings and pictures illustrating the planning and engineering work, all the way from the designer’s concept through to shop drawings to production and installation, covering: structural and fine steelwork, joinery, glasswork, stonework, artwork and lighting, all combined in a single package, overseen by one management team.

This approach permits close coordination between trades, which is not possible  when separate contractors are responsible for various elements of a single project.

Our approach helps you to avoid costly mistakes, eliminate waste both in design time and materials usage, reduce production tolerances to a minimum, all allowing for efficient and timely construction.

Compared with the traditional approach to construction projects, our methodology makes the whole process more effective and efficient, both in terms of cost and time and the final result.

Adam Wasilewski & Andrew Kowalik